Huawei's threat is real and Congress should act accordingly

For Immediate Release: February 06, 2019
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Bishop Garrison for Federal Times: “The Huawei threat is real. Congress should act accordingly.”


Washington, D.C. — Today, Bishop Garrison, Interim Executive Director of Truman National Security Project and former Obama Administration official and Iraq war veteran, draws much-needed attention to the national security threats presented by Huawei and ZTE technologies as T-Mobile, Sprint, and their parent companies refuse to commit to the American public not to use the Chinese companies in building 5G infrastructure if allowed to merge. In Garrison's words, the Huawei threat is real.

Garrison's full op-ed, published in the Federal Times, is available HERE; key excerpts follow.

  • Sprint and T-Mobile seek approval from the FCC for a unification that would build America’s first 5G wireless network. With Sprint’s history of dealings with the Chinese state-controlled corporation Huawei, this is particularly concerning.
  • Congress must ensure that these foreign-owned American carriers finally, explicitly break with Huawei. This will send a message worldwide that China must act as a rational actor in this space and that, given its recent history, Huawei’s technology is not welcome in any secure 5G network. It’s time for Washington to lead so these companies see it’s in their economic interests to do what we need them to do: ensure America’s future communications network remains secure.
  • The threat is real, and you don’t need to take my word for it. Former Bush White House national security expert Bradley Blakeman has documented these major telecommunication companies’ “long history of using Chinese equipment suppliers Huawei and ZTE,” giving Huawei “powerful tools at their disposal that could be used against the United States.”
  • T-Mobile and its parent company, Deutsche Telekom (DT), are immersed in 5G deployments across the world that rely on Huawei equipment,even though T-Mobile itself has been a victim of Huawei’s crimes. Bloomberg News even reported that DT remains determined to partner with Huawei and is leading the charge against the efforts of European countries to stand up against Chinese cyber theft because DT cannot be unraveled from Huawei.
  • Congress has the opportunity and ability through its oversight powers to ensure that Huawei and other Chinese equipment doesn’t compromise national security in a groundbreaking 5G network. The future enhancement of America’s critical digital infrastructure relies in no small part on the deployment of a secure 5G nationwide network. This makes opposition to Chinese infiltration of our technology networks all the more important.

READ MORE: Federal Times: “The Huawei threat is real. Congress should act accordingly.”


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