Fact Checking T-Mobile’s CFO: “Extraordinary Measures” = Silence on Huawei

For Immediate Release: December 6, 2018
Press Contact: Regan Page at [email protected]


Fact Checking T-Mobile’s CFO:

“Extraordinary Measures” = Silence on Huawei


Washington D.C. – T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter told investors and executives from Sprint and T-Mobile, “We are extremely respectful of the process and we've taken extraordinary measures to non-politicize this process.”

In reality, T-Mobile has taken extraordinary measures to avoid answering accusations that the merger is a national security risk. T-Mobile remains silent about Huawei.

Fact: T-Mobile and Sprint have yet to provide support for their claims to having stopped using Huawei technology.

Fact: Huawei, a Chinese telecom equipment giant, has very close ties to Chinese intelligence: As of 2016, Huawei equipment still existed within Sprint networks; despite orders from Congress to remove it all. In 2018, Softbank, majority owner of Sprint, announced plans to partner with Huawei to begin 5G rollout plans.  Huawei has been deemed unsafe to use in 5G roll outs by Australia, the U.K. and New Zealand. And just last night, the CFO of Huawei was arrested for alleged violations of Iran sanctions.

Who else is unimpressed by T-Mobile’s “extraordinary measures?”

Former U.S. Representative Mike Rogers, author of the Huawei intelligence report, says of Huawei’s involvement in the merger, “Huawei, ZTE and China telecom all work together in an ecosystem that is coordinated in a way that we would be absolutely naïve not to pay attention to in regards to companies with serious connections to Huawei and ZTE as they're building out in other places around the world, and what that would mean to the threat to our systems and our intellectual property here in the United States. I hope this is a big consideration, and I know CFIUS is going to look at this, and look at this hard.”

The temperature of the merger is quickly being raised, yet, because of massive cover ups by the telecom giants, the average citizen is left completely unaware of the threats being posed to their security. The merger cannot be allowed to proceed until every mistruth has been exposed, checked, and remedied.