Protect America’s Wireless Releases Statement on T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

For Immediate Release: December 4, 2018
Contact: Regan Page at [email protected]


Protect America’s Wireless Releases Statement on T-Mobile/Sprint Merger


Today, David Wade, former State Department Chief of Staff and spokesman for Protect America’s Wireless released the following statement on the national security concerns in the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger ahead of the Federal Communications Commission’s comment deadline today:  

“American national security is inextricably linked to our digital future.  As we see nearly every day, foreign entities, competitors, and adversaries are targeting American networks to gain access to government secrets, economic information, and personal data – and we can only expect it to increase. 

“Major mergers and transactions affecting America’s public infrastructure have always required a robust debate on national security and foreign policy interests. No proposed merger should be approved without essential national security implications being fully vetted by the FCC, Congress, and through the CFIUS process. There are several national security and foreign policy concerns at the center of the proposed T-Mobile-Sprint merger that remain unaddressed.

“In a global economy and a dangerous world, a merger that purports to be America’s pathway to 5G requires intense scrutiny, especially when it is reliant on so much foreign investment. Whether Sprint and T-Mobile want to admit it, is a proxy discussion for a host of international issues that matter to policy makers and consumers alike, including vetting concerns about our interest, our security, and our values.

“The evidence is clear: T-Mobile and Sprint have a long and entangled history with Huawei and ZTE, Chinese telecom companies accused of hacking and spying on foreign networks. While the FCC deliberates the proposed merger between the two companies, the U.S., Australia, Germany, and New Zealand have banned Huawei, and both T-Mobile and Sprint are yet to provide support for their claims to having stopped using Huawei technology. Additionally, the United States Government is lobbying allies not to do business with these Chinese companies.

“National security concerns should not be ignored. This merger must be thoroughly investigated.”